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Certified through GMP, FDA, HACCP, and ISO 9001

Comprehensive production of various formulations

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Offers multiple production formulations and packaging options to cater to diverse customer needs.

Low minimum order quantity for customization

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Provides flexibility in order quantities, allowing customers to customize products based on their requirements.

Customization of ingredients, formulations, production, and private label design

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Offers comprehensive customization options, from ingredients and formulations to production and private label design, meeting unique customer demands.

GMP-certified facility

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Strict adherence to GMP guidelines ensures consistent product quality and safety.

Advanced fully automated production lines

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Utilizes advanced fully automated production lines for quick and efficient processing of large orders, ensuring timely delivery.

Customers Reviews

Reliable manufacturing partner! We have been collaborating with this OEM manufacturer, and their capsule formulations consistently maintain a stable quality level. They not only deliver on time but also exhibit great flexibility in meeting custom requirements.
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Adam Sendler
Thumbs up to this gummy manufacturer! Our company has been searching for a reliable maker of gummies, and we finally found them. Not only is the product of excellent quality, but their team is also incredibly patient, making every collaboration smooth. Truly grateful!
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Mila Kunis
After searching for a long time, I finally found the perfect fitness supplement manufacturer! This OEM company not only meets my customization needs but their products are truly stunning. Grateful for adding vibrancy to my fitness journey!
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Mike Sendler
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